Hi, I'm Patricia Cohen

I’m a hamster lover and content writer from Miami.

I love to write about all things hamsters, including their habits, behaviour, and many other topics.

 I am also the owner of a hamster called Peanut.

I began writing about my hamster in 2016 after I got him as a birthday present.

My name is Patricia, but many people know me as the Princess of Peanut.

My life changed when I got a hamster: I became more aware of the pet’s needs, I learnt how to properly care for them, and I always found myself thinking about them.

I have written articles on what to feed your hamster, how to care for their nails, and how to make sure they are not lonely or bored. These topics fascinate me because they help me learn more about my pet ,Peanut.

I also love to review products for hamsters, such as toys and food. I have written about everything from treats for toy breeds to which types of hamster cages are the best for your pet.

In short, if it has something to do with hamsters, you can find an article written by me on this site!